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Why suffer through burnout for more one day?

I know how boring (and stressful) learning can be but I also know that learning can be interactive and fun.  That’s why I specifically designed self-paced  workplace wellness and burnout courses for you. Video learning is not just trending, it is the new normal. I have created over 600 TikTok’s using my 10 years of experience in healthcare research to teach evidence-based workplace wellness strategies (Wellness Shots!).  Jeddy Wellness Academy is the next step up. If you are a busy millennial or a young Gen Z professional, silently suffering in the workplace take control of your life and career by joining Jeddy Wellness Academy. You will get access to courses, bite-sized strategies, exclusive webinars and member only content. 

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Workplace wellness research translated into wellness solutions for you.


Workplace wellness is no longer a boring seminar that workplaces provide. Why? Because burnout is not only ubiquitous but it is hard to understand. The symptoms aren’t always easy to spot and can be dismissed as something else. It affects people in different ways, poses no warning signs, comes out of nowhere, and can be deadly. 

And the worst part? 

At its peak, you will feel like you hit a brick wall. Stressors come in every shape and size: employment, home life, relationships with partners and children, money issues and health. 

Do you know the opposite of burnout?

Learn wellness strategies that are modern, playful and backed by science you can adopt a culture of wellness at work and home. 

At Jeddy Wellness Academy you can learn and apply workplace wellness and burnout prevention strategies that are evidence-based, practical and actionable. 


If you love learning from all my TikTok’s, you will love this even more! 

  • Mini courses
  • Mini live workshops
  • Community building
  • Learning labs
  • Member only content 
  • Much more… 

Purposeful learning with...


You’ll learn workplace wellness strategies that are not on TikTok.


Live training

You’ll spend time with me every month and I’ll answer all your questions 


You’ll learn from others and be part of a modern and inclusive wellness community.

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