Professional ghosting and personal ghosting are toxic.

It is an unhealthy behaviour. It is not good for our wellness.

Going radio silent can easily shatter confidence and increase feelings of confusion and rejection.

Ghosting is not good for our wellness and mental health at the micro and macro levels.

Whether you are ghosting someone in your personal life (partnership) or at work (job searching, networking, pitching, hiring), think about why you are doing it.

You may feel guilt or remorse for doing it, and you may feel nothing (major red flag).

The emotional loneliness, social exclusion and isolation caused by ghosting can have potentially devastating psychological implications on the person you have ghosted.

Why do people ghost?

👻 Lack of communication and conversational skills is the low-hanging fruit we can all agree on as a community is one reason.

There are other reasons.

👻 Inability to handle conflict.

👻 Inability to say no.

👻 Lack of confidence.

👻 Lack of emotional intelligence.

👻 They are a narcissist.

Ghosting needs to go.

If you are the ghostee or currently being ghosted

❣️ sit in the discomfort, embrace the awkwardness and wallow (for a bit)

❣️ reflect and review your approach

❣️ build your resilience

❣️ seek therapy (your bestie is not your therapist, btw.)

❣️ start WOW (Working On Wellness) and get out of it.

Here’s a basic wellness strategy👇🏽

✨Communicate for wellness✨

Communication skills are foundational for our wellness.

Lean into

🤍 Listening skills

🤍 Empathy

🤍 Compassion skills

🤍 Open-mindedness

🤍 Clarity

🤍 Feedback

While I have you, can we also cancel breadcrumbing, , haunting, submarining, orbiting, zombieing, situationships, hesidating, and cookie-jarring.