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Sumana Jeddy

I Provide Evidence-Based Wellness Strategies to Simplify Your Work and Life.

Sumana Provides

Expert Advice

Expert advice that is backed by research so that you can make proactive and confident decisions about your wellness at work.

Bespoke Solutions

Bespoke solutions using data-driven insights for sustainable changes to your health and wellness.


Micro-learning strategies so you can resolve workplace wellness challenges.

Sumana Jeddy

About Me

Bridging Research and Practice for Individuals and Workplaces to Prioritize Wellness at Work

Sumana Jeddy is a trailblazer in the field of workplace wellness and has dedicated her career to promoting health and well-being in the workplace. She is the founder and CEO of Jeddy Wellness and The Workplace Wellness Collective, companies that specialize in evidence-based wellness strategies for the modern workplace.

With a Master’s in Public Health and Bachelor’s in Microbiology from the University of British Columbia, Sumana brings a unique perspective to her work, having spent years as a Surveillance Scientist and Manager of Infectious Diseases and Epidemiology. She has published over 20 peer-reviewed research articles and given numerous talks on disease control and spread.

Inspired by the impact of burnout on mental, emotional, and physical health, Sumana founded Jeddy Wellness to bridge the gap between research and practice by providing modern, practical, and playful wellness strategies for organizations and individuals. Her work has been sought after by major institutions and organizations such as the Government of Ontario, Scotiabank, and FoodBanks Canada, and she has gained a large following on TikTok, with over 50,000 followers and videos surpassing 1 million views. Her hashtag #sumanawellness has reached 3.6 million views on the platform.

Sumana’s commitment to promoting workplace wellness has earned her recognition in the media, including being spotlighted in the Globe & Mail, Globe Women’s Collective, and contributing to Ask Women and Work. With her background in science, data, and empathy, Sumana provides relatable content that empowers individuals and teams to prioritize their health and well-being.

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For Businesses

Your post pandemic workforce values workplace culture wellness, mental health and leadership. Jeddy Wellness provides custom consulting solutions for your business by utilizing wellness as a core value. Energize, inspire and invigorate your workplace by harnessing evidence-based wellness designs. Hybrid delivery options available to help you and your teams flourish instead of languish.

For Individuals

Individual Consulting: Min 3 months

Personalized one-on-one support that uses evidence-based interventions and data driven solutions – customized to suit your lifestyle and your wellness goals. This is intensive, focused and designed to serve your urgent wellness challenges. This is an accelerated program so you can achieve your wellness milestones with purpose, intention and joy.

Individual Consulting: 90 mins

Custom individual consulting and coaching. You will get support on one workplace wellness challenge so you can learn to optimize your wellness for long term success. In this 90 minute session you will master one wellness competency.

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