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Corporate Burnout Gamified - Relieving The Cost Of Burnout
Do you like games? How about wellness games that can help you level you you mental wellness strategy? Gamification can help workplaces and individuals prevent and overcome burnout. 8 Bit Cortex is using data-driven actionable insights to help employers reduce the cost of burnout and create a happy, healthy, productive and burnout free workforce.
Learn more about a unique wellness tracking app designed by neuroscientists
in Canada to track and mitigate burnout.

Wednesday August 24 2022 1:00 PM ET

About Speaker


Ty "the NeuroGuy" McKinney, Ph.D.

Co-founder-8 Bit Cortex

Ty completed his PhD at the University of Utah on brainwave technology in mental health assessment. Ty co-founded 8-Bit Cortex to adapt his research into gamifying corporate burnout risk assessments and improving workplace wellness for everyone. As the Research Director for Branch Out, Ty promotes the impact of innovative brain health research and shares this insight with the community. When not thinking about the brain, Ty can be found exploring nature or connecting with the growing Alberta tech ecosystem.

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