It’s Friday… right?

That Friday feeling, the thing you’ve been waiting for all week!

Carefree, time to shut off your work brain and well, shut off your brain completely for a bit. 

Or so you thought.

Why does my brain think it’s still Monday morning? I checked my calendar and have confirmed that it is in fact friday – when will my brain catch up?

This is a sign of habitual burnout. 

If this is you, pause. Take the time to figure out how you got to this point.

Have you stopped doing the things that previously made you happy?

Are you constantly stressed about work?

You had a dream that you missed a non-existent deadline, didn’t you?

If you’re here, make a plan.

How are you going to enjoy yourself again?

What did your life look like before you got to this position?

Who is your support system and how can you utilize them?

Set boundaries in your professional life and stick to them. Let the recovery period begin.