2020 saw a global rapid increase in remote working options. Coming out of the pandemic, many employers have maintained a hybrid working option. This is new and exciting.

Now, you can manage your wellness as you work and still get that face-to-face connection when you need it. 

Pro tip: Go to the office for the community and the culture and use your digital space for reflection and deep work. 

In taking the best of both worlds, you can avoid burnout before it starts to creep in. 

Have a plan for home work days and office work days.

How will you make each day effective in both your work and your mental space? Perhaps, work days are for brainstorming and collaboration and home days are for putting these ideas into action.  

We may see a shift in 2023 but hybrid is still very much normal.

Burnout doesn’t like effective action plans. You don’t like burnout (I promise).

No go create a plan that can works for your lifestyle.