The cup in this scenario is your self-care, not an actual cup. Although, maybe go fill up your water bottle…hydration is important. 

Self-care is a vital piece to ensuring your burnout stays at a distance, but it’s not the only piece. To combat burnout, we must also wield the support from the organization in which you spend much of your time.

If your workplace does not support your self-care or does not respect your boundaries, you will fall back into the cycle. 

Yes, you are actively in the gym, you eat pretty well, you just got a new air-fryer… You’re not upset about how your personal life is going. 

And yes, all the things are positive however you’re at the gym at 5:00AM, you eat dinner at 9:00PM because you were working ALL day and your brand-new air-fryer hasn’t seen the action it was promised. 

This is a sign of your workplace not respecting your boundaries outside of working hours.

Stay on this track and you will end up in at the burnout station. 

Does this sound familiar? 

After recovering from burnout, you need continuous maintenance.