“This is fine.” (insert meme of Ralph in a burning room)

Like many of us, you may have a work persona. This persona is high-performing and seems to handle immense pressure and juggles many tasks and once with ease.

This persona isn’t realistic. Coworkers wonder how you do it and well… The easy answer is that you may not be. Nobody is immune to burnout, no matter how relentless their pursuit of success may seem. 

In this pursuit, in a realistic scenario, you must be in a good mental space. This requires your workplace to give you the genuine freedom to feel comfortable speaking up about any issues you may have that affect yourself or others. 

You’re worried about how others may perceive you but this is where the real difficulties begin. You must have the strength to stand up for yourself, regardless of your fears of maintaining your image, status or reputation. 

A workplace that reacts negatively to such comments is a toxic environment. You must ask these hard questions to continue to perform at exemplary levels.

If you are a high performer and this sounds like you, please evaluate and create a plan of action.

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