Quiet quitting is the act of going home… and actually going home. Going home means you keep your laptop closed, your emails silenced and your time begins. 

Your family dinner isn’t interrupted by work, your walk with your dog isn’t cut short due to a sudden project, your favourite Sunday night series isn’t interrupted (yes, I’m looking at your House of the Dragon fans). 

We go to work, we do our duties as required, we participate in workplace culture and then we leave. 

Quiet quitting is a symptom of burnout in which we realize our personal wellbeing takes precedence over being the first one in and last one out. 

Tackling your burnout symptoms early is crucial to your wellbeing. Try a ‘quiet beginning’. Set boundaries early, ensure your employer knows that your time is for you. This will only increase your overall productivity in the long-run and keep you passionate and hard working during your given hours. 

Quiet quitting – not such a bad word after all.