Do you ever wake up one day and feel as if you just sprinted into a brick wall? Same. 

The sprint was going well, you’re comfortable in your new job, new pair of Nikes, hair slicked back to make you more aerodynamic… Then suddenly it hits you. 

What you don’t realize is that because you were going so fast, your new shoes are ripped and torn, you have bruises on your heels and you realize you haven’t had a sip of water since 2007. This is what the slow-burn of burnout can feel like. 

Take a minute. Is this you? Your shoes probably aren’t actually ripped up, but when you look back at the last few months, is it kind of a blur? 

This is your warning to slow down (insert 10×10 yield sign). Take a sip of water and reframe. The brick wall may be closer than you thought – it can be hard to see coming, even for a wall of brick. 

Take notice of the little joys in your life – enjoy the subtle burnout recovery you’re not experiencing. Your future self will thank you.