… What now?

You know you when you get out of the city and are astounded by how bright the stars are shining? That one star that you couldn’t keep your eyes off of? That was you before your burnout.

Now, it’s kind of like that one star that you can see through the pollution of a busy city or Adam Levine after he got exposed. The pollution and the exposure are metaphors for your burnout that was not properly dealt with. 

Taking time off work to collect yourself can help in this process, but it is just one cog in the wheel. It is very common to return to work after a leave of absence still feeling burnt out and uninspired. 

Just simply taking time off work is like taking a vitamin but instead of taking the vitamin you miss your mouth and just say “close enough”. Taking time off work may seem like the only solution, but it must be coupled with an array of other strategies.

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