The 2-Minute Burnout Check Up Is Outdated

CRINGE ALERT! 😬 Harvard Business Review Got It Wrong The Two-Minute Burnout Check Up Is Outdated. Oh boy, where do I even begin with this cringe-fest? Harvard Business Review really missed the mark with their “Two-Minute Burnout Check Up,” and it shows.  The fact that this instagram post got 13.6K likes and over 100 comments […]

Burnout is costly!

Why do all my jeans have holes in the pockets? Burnout. Burnout has burnt a hole in your pockets.  The costs of burnout can be mounting and only add to your stress levels. Through medical bills, therapy and rehab, you can find yourself feeling buried.  Don’t want these extra payments? I wouldn’t either. Burnout prevention […]

Toxic Rockstars

And no, we’re not talking about Toxic by Britney Spears.  Toxic rockstars are the individuals within your workplace that have a high success rate but also actively put others down.  Unfortunately, bullying doesn’t stop on the playground and can creep its way into the workplace. These individuals will be kept around because they look excellent […]

Is Your Work Persona Realistic?

“This is fine.” (insert meme of Ralph in a burning room) Like many of us, you may have a work persona. This persona is high-performing and seems to handle immense pressure and juggles many tasks and once with ease. This persona isn’t realistic. Coworkers wonder how you do it and well… The easy answer is […]

Hybrid work: The act of getting the best of both worlds.

2020 saw a global rapid increase in remote working options. Coming out of the pandemic, many employers have maintained a hybrid working option. This is new and exciting. Now, you can manage your wellness as you work and still get that face-to-face connection when you need it.  Pro tip: Go to the office for the […]

Habitual Burnout

It’s Friday… right? That Friday feeling, the thing you’ve been waiting for all week! Carefree, time to shut off your work brain and well, shut off your brain completely for a bit.  Or so you thought. Why does my brain think it’s still Monday morning? I checked my calendar and have confirmed that it is […]

You’ve returned to work after your burnout

… What now? You know you when you get out of the city and are astounded by how bright the stars are shining? That one star that you couldn’t keep your eyes off of? That was you before your burnout. Now, it’s kind of like that one star that you can see through the pollution […]

Okay, I recovered, my cup is full… Now what?

The cup in this scenario is your self-care, not an actual cup. Although, maybe go fill up your water bottle…hydration is important.  Self-care is a vital piece to ensuring your burnout stays at a distance, but it’s not the only piece. To combat burnout, we must also wield the support from the organization in which […]

The Brick Wall

Do you ever wake up one day and feel as if you just sprinted into a brick wall? Same.  The sprint was going well, you’re comfortable in your new job, new pair of Nikes, hair slicked back to make you more aerodynamic… Then suddenly it hits you.  What you don’t realize is that because you […]

Other side of burnout

Lose yourself. I don’t think this is what Eminem had in mind.  Picture yourself before you had your new role. What were your hobbies? What did you do to keep yourself active? A few questions to ask. Oftentimes, we want to start off a new job blazing hot – impress the boss and show them […]